EnviroCollective and Council of Canadians launch election sign campaign

Written by szachidniak on Wednesday August 19, 2020

The “I Vote For Climate Action” signs will appear on lawns across province.

REGINA, SK- Aug.17, 2020 – EnviroCollective and the Council of Canadians want to get Saskatchewan politicians talking about climate action during the municipal and provincial election cycles by distributing their own environmental-themed election signs.

“I vote for Climate Action,” the signs state, followed by, “talk to me about your plan.” “

There is a massive climate catastrophe on the horizon. That hasn’t changed in the last six months. And politicians have to come to the doorstep prepared to talk about what they’re going to do about the climate crisis if they want our support,” says Maureen Huot, EnviroCollective co-chair.

"Action on Climate Change must be the seen by our political candidates as the most important issue of the day," said Jim Elliott, Chairperson for the Regina Chapter of the Council of Canadians. "We need a government that takes swift and just action now."

The black and white signs are non-partisan but indicate to any candidates out door-knocking that climate action is a top priority for voters.

“This sign shows you expect to hear real solutions for this serious problem that jeopardizes our future,” says Huot.

Both groups have begun selling the signs this week. Signs cost $15 for one or $10 each for 2 or more. Funds raised through the sign campaign will be used to support EnviroCollective’s climate advocacy.

EnviroCollective is a grassroots organization formed in Regina in the wake of their city council’s commitment to achieving a 100 per cent renewable city. EnviroCollective is committed to building networks and sharing resources that support environmental and climate action.

To order a sign, visit: https://donorbox.org/enviro-signs. For any questions, please email: envirocollective2018@gmail.com.